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This is just one example. Open the links below to explore all the options available.

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Thought leadership commentary

Spreadsheets aren't just for finance. Like it or not, people build mission-critical business apps using spreadsheets. But their lack of connectivity to other systems is their greatest downfall. @Visor is on a mission to build the world's most connected spreadsheet, empowering nearly everyone to build solutions using live enterprise data. I'm so excited to announce {@FUND}'s investment in Visor's $5 million seed round. Congratulations to @Michael Yaroshefsky and the team.

Quality vs. Quantity of Integrations

Today {@FUND} is announcing our investment in @Visor's $5m seed financing. In a race to add quantity of integrations, few stopped to think about the quality. Visor has, and their thoughtful solution to a pervasive problem is bound to revolutionize an industry. We are thrilled to back @Michael Yaroshefsky and the team. They also just announced the launch of their product, and they're hiring!

For Spreadsheet Lovers - contrarian

As a spreadsheet junkie, I'm thrilled to announce my investment in @Visor, the world's most connected spreadsheet. I can't even begin to count the number of times in my career I needed a solution like Visor. Get ready to run your most crucial business processes on a spreadsheet. No, really! Congratulations, @Michael Yaroshefsky!


@Michael Yaroshefsky and the team at @Visor have proven that you only fail when you give up. After initially losing the battle trying to pull people out of spreadsheets, they found a way to win the war. Congratulations to the team on their impressive $5m seed and the public launch of their revolutionary product, the world's most connected spreadsheet. Visor's product blends the flexibility of a spreadsheet with realtime data from your business apps. P.S. They're hiring!

Welcome to the family

I am so excited to welcome @Visor to the {@FUND} family with the announcement of their $5m seed round. Spreadsheets are so powerful, but they have one achilles heel: integrations. @Michael Yaroshefsky and the team are building bridges to connect people and data that are increasingly distributed and disconnected. We are excited to see them take on this massive opportunity!

Questioning the status quo

Congratulations @Visor on your big day, announcing a $5m seed and your product launch. Every so often, a new product comes along that questions everything we've taken for granted about a pervasive problem. @Michael Yaroshefsky and the team at Visor have done exactly that, questioning why we have to choose between the flexibility of working in a spreadsheet and accuracy of working with real data from our business apps. Their fresh approach to an age-old problem deserves serious attention. They're onto something big.


I've been eagerly awaiting this day since meeting @Michael Yaroshefsky back in 20XX. We're excited to announce {@FUND}'s investment in @Visor, the world's most connected spreadsheet. With their $5 million seed round, Visor is growing the team and expanding their product.

Short and sweet

{@FUND} is proud to announce our investment in @Visor, the world's most connected spreadsheet. Congratulations @Michael Yaroshefsky and the whole Visor team on your $5m seed round and public product launch. Read more here.