Tips for Visor’s engineering interviews

Keep the following in mind when preparing for your Visor engineering interview.

Talk through your thinking and ask for help

We’re all in this together, and we need to be able to communicate clearly and help each other. A critical part succeeding on our team is having strong communication skills. That means being able to explain things clearly and also ask for help when you’re stuck. Our interviews are made to mock real-world work, so don’t treat them like independent tests. Ask your interviewer questions.

Show us your cognitive abilities

Building a company is all about figuring out hard, new problems. As a result, we’re looking to hire team members who don’t just know how to write code in languages they know but also know how to solve unexpected problems. Let your intelligence shine through. Tell us more about your academic achievements that demonstrate your cognitive abilities. Or show us your intelligence by communicating very clearly as you’re solving the problems in our technical interview.

Show us your drive to build

Early-stage businesses like ours depend on everyone on the team being driven to build a great business. And that means building an engineering team of builders — people who don’t just want to close Jira tickets but actually want to see something new exist. Show us that you are driven and motivated to do more than punch in and punch out.

Show us your passion for technology

Visor’s solving real, hard technical problems at the forefront of technology. We’re at the scale where we need our early employees to have a wide knowledge of technology and engineering to enable clever problem solving. Show us how you’re passionate about technology — so much so that it’s more than just what you do for your career, it’s a part of who you are.