Tips for Visor’s product management interviews

Here’s more information about how to ace the Visor product management interview.

Know your stuff (and don’t be too humble)

We’re looking to hire PMs that raise the IQ of our entire team. Of course you should know the basics and the vocabulary. But we’re really looking for you to show us how you apply that knowledge cleverly. What are the things you know about product strategy & development that can’t be learned in a classroom or blog post? Be prepared to demonstrate how smart you are about product management and how you’d bring that to our team.

Demonstrate your cognitive abilities

Building a company is all about figuring out solutions to hard, new problems. As a result, we’re looking to hire team members who can go way beyond just doing the types of work they already know well. We’re looking for bright people who think outside the box. Tell us more about your academic achievements that demonstrate your cognitive abilities. Or show us your intelligence by communicating very clearly as you’re solving the problems in our interviews.

Show us that you’re a doer

At this stage of our company, we need to hire people that get things done. It’s not enough to just have the right ideas. Execution is everything. So beyond just knowing the right things to say, we want to know that you know how to roll up your sleeves and get it done. Show us examples of your work. Let your passion for products shine through; do you have any side projects you’ve worked on that demonstrate a passion for building products outside of your day job?

Crunch the numbers

We believe that product management is equal parts art and science. It can be very hard to make sense of data that’s not always perfectly collected. It can also be tricky knowing how to make the most of all the data we do have. To excel in our interview, be ready to crunch some numbers and talk about what they mean.

But keep it human

On the other hand, product management is an intrinsically human-centered endeavor. That’s why we’re looking for PMs who think empathetically about our customers and develop authentic relationships with them at scale. While we want to know that you can crunch the numbers, we’ll also expect you to show us how building products is fundamentally about helping people.