Visor’s marketing stack

Visor’s marketing stack consists of a combination of custom-built solutions and off-the-shelf products. You’ll likely find that Visor’s marketing stack is skewed more heavily to custom-built or tightly-integrated products, since we have engineering resources dedicated entirely to growth & marketing projects.

CRM & marketing automation

We use Salesforce as our main CRM with HubSpot primarily for marketing automation. They sync bidirectionally.

In Salesforce, we track all of our users, including special engagement data. For any given user, there are Salesforce fields to determine whether they’ve taken certain actions we care about, such as integrating Visor with another app or inviting a colleague. We also use advanced formulas to score users and keep track of their health over time.

This information syncs to HubSpot, where we maintain a number of workflow automation campaigns to guide user activity. Our email automation runs on different tracks, depending on whether users have reached certain milestones. For example, the new user email sequence will send different emails based on if the customer has integrated Visor with another app, sent invites, or reached certain health scores. We also run automation to boost activation & retention.

To learn more about our marketing automation, check out this blog post:

Analytics and telemetry

We use a number of tools to understand how customers are using our product. They range from a custom-built analytics system (which stores millions of records per day in our data warehouse) to off-the-shelf products like FullStory, GA, and Heap.

Web publishing

We currently use Webflow for our website, Ghost for our blog, and + Notion for some other properties (like our support page).

Our ecosystem

We consider the following to be core parts of the Visor marketing ecosystem:

We’re also planning to add the following components to our ecosystem in the future:

  • A public template database for Visor
  • A user forum & community where users can help each other
  • An events portal for coordinating our webinars and other events
  • An online academy for training on Visor and getting certified
  • An account management portal where customers can track their feature requests, support tickets, and status within the Visor Visionaries customer council
  • A developer center for helping engineers integrate their product with Visor