Making Employee Referrals


Visor is growing quickly, and we need your help to continue growing our outstanding team. We've established this referral program to reward and recognize those members of the Visor community who help us build our team.

What is the reward?

Visor is currently offering a $2500 cash referral bonus for successfully placed hires, subject to the terms below.

Who is eligible to participate?

This program is open to anyone who isn't a member of the following excluded groups:

  • Current Visor employees and immediate family members of Visor employees
  • Advisors of the company who are being paid in cash or equity
  • Investors of the company (including any employees of the investor firm)
  • Those who are not authorized for work in the United States

What are the terms for the referral to be eligible for the reward?

The referred candidate:

  • Cannot be a current or previous employee of Visor
  • Cannot have already been referred to Visor by someone else
  • Cannot have already applied for any Visor position within 6 months of the referral

Candidates who get hired must work for Visor for 120 days before the referral bonus will be considered earned. If the employee does not work for Visor for 120 days, regardless of the reasons for their departure, this bonus will not have been earned.

There is no cap on the number of referrals someone can make and the amount of awards they can earn.

How will the award be paid?

You will be asked to sign an agreement recognizing and accepting your award. You will also need to provide a W-9 form and register in our payroll / contractor payment system (currently, Gusto) to receive payment as a contractor. Please keep in mind that awards will be subject to taxation as income.