Setting up an account and supporting Visor

⬅️ Before launch

Wednesday, April 20 - Monday, April 25

Step 1: Create account (1 minute)

Go to ProductHunt.com and sign up for an account.



Step 2: Make your account “active” so your vote counts on launch day (5 minutes)

This step must happen a day or more in advance, otherwise the algorithm for ranking will NOT count your vote on the launch day. Product Hunt’s algorithm automatically discards votes from users whose accounts are brand new and never had any previous activity!

Review today’s submissions and upvote at least one — ideally 2-3 items. Leave a comment on at least one item. Then keep that tab open and consider visiting again in the days until launch.

To avoid getting flagged as a fraudulent voting ring member, it is important to have your account actually engage with the website and other products.


🚀 Launch day

Thursday, April 21

In the morning, I’ll email to let you know we’re live and posted.

Here is a link to the (DRAFT) page. But if you’re sharing things, this will be the page to link to:

Step 1: Upvote things OTHER than Visor from a previous month (3 minutes)

We’re taking no chances with the algorithm thinking your vote is invalid. The best way to make sure the system doesn’t think you’re just here to vote for Visor is to vote for something else. Importantly, vote for something that’s not going to compete with Visor in the same Day, Week, or Month!

Go here and upvote products you like!


Step 2: Upvote Visor (2 minutes)

Find Visor from the Product Hunt home page. Be sure to click the “Visit” link or scroll down on the page and read through the comments. Engage a little before upvoting.

Visits directly to our page may cause the system to think your vote should count less than someone browsing the page and upvoting.
Visits that just quickly upvote and leave may cause the system to think your vote is fraudulent. Spend a minute or two on the Visor page before upvoting.

Step 3: Leave a comment on Visor’s page (5 - 10 minutes)

Leave a comment on the submission.

Even something simple like this could help:

This product looks great! My team could use something like this. Excited to try it!

or something like this:

Wow! Finally someone figured out that it doesn’t have to be an either/or between spreadsheets and SaaS apps

If you’re a user or customer, it would be great if you could share 2-3 sentences about what Visor helps your team do better. For example:

My team started using Visor, and we’ve loved it. The integrations are the best we’ve ever used, which matters big time. Otherwise, we were setting up spreadsheets and copying things by hand. When things got stale or out of sync, we had big problems. Visor has easily saved us hours of time so far. And it’s made my team so much happier.


Step 4: Amplify (5 minutes)

Now that you’ve voted and commented, help get more people interested in Visor! Share a quick link to the Visor launch page from the social media accounts you use.

Please help us contribute to the hashtag #solutioneers and also add #producthunt

Here’s our list of social posts you can amplify:

Visor Product Hunt Launch Links

Here’s an example of what you can share:

@visordotus is live on ProductHunt right now - See & edit SaaS app data in a collaborative spreadsheet. I've watched this team grind and am thrilled to celebrate this milestone! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/visor-5 #solutioneers #producthunt