Product Hunt Launch

⏰ What’s happening?

On Tuesday April 26th, Visor is launching on Product Hunt.

This is revised. The original plan was for Thursday April 21.

❔ What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt (PH) is an online community to share and discover new products. Since its founding in 2013, launching on PH has become an important rite of passage for many companies.

Makers and Hunters

On one side of the community are the makers, or people building products. And on another are the hunters, or people looking to share and discover great products.

Launch day

Each weekday, various products launch on PH. There is a competitive aspect to launch day, with each maker hoping their product gets the most upvotes from hunters.

The number of upvotes and comments earned on launch day (and especially those early in the day) dramatically impacts the outcome of the launch.


The 5 products ranked the highest (by upvotes) generally get the most traffic — exponentially more than those lower on the page.

Getting ranked highly early in the day can result in the product being at the top as people log on. This creates a powerful flywheel, where the top-ranked products get the most visits and the most engagement.

At the end of the day, the rankings are finalized. The top products will get featured in the PH digest email each day and each — which goes to 50k+ deeply engaged community members.

💰 Why does Product Hunt matter to a company?

Companies that rank highly during their launch:

  • Get a lot of new users and customers from the publicity, which can fund R&D
  • Get more visibility to get great feedback from the community, which can improve the product overall
  • Can have an easier time attracting great talent to the team, which can improve the velocity of product development
  • Can attract attention from investors to fund the company’s R&D and growth
  • Will build brand equity, which can help the company get media coverage and build partnerships

➡️ What’s next?

Be sure to set up your Product Hunt account WAY in advance of the launch day. The ranking algorithm DISCARDS votes from users who register on the same day as the launch and only vote on that one product.

Set up your free Product Hunt account today.


Then begin voting on products you love!

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

🎈Setting up an account and supporting Visor🔗Visor Product Hunt Launch Links