Review Incentive Program

Why are reviews important?

Reviews play an important role in helping educate teams that are looking for new products by sharing the opinions of peers and others who have relevant experience. They are also very important for you (the user) because they are a great source of feedback and give us insight into what we need to improve in order to better your experience.

Where can you write a review?

Currently, there are Visor pages hosted on the following sites:

Who is qualified to write a review?

Any Visor user who has been active in their account within the last 90 days is eligible for this program.

Tips for writing a review

These reviews will potentially be read by thousands of individuals who are looking for a product to help optimize their data collaboration and best meet their personal and company needs. You should consider these tips when writing a review:

Be Specific: Instead of just saying you liked working with Visor, explain why. What features stuck out to you the most? How did Visor help your team or company hit specific goals? Try to use clear examples. The more details the better.

Be Clear: Reviews need to be readable for others. Use proper grammar, without excessive capitalization or punctuation, and be sure to check your spelling. Use your own voice, there’s no need for excessively ornamental circumlocution.

Be Honest and Objective: It’s great to write a positive review about a product, but also write about where there could be improvements in the platform. Not only does this help us gather feedback in order to build a better experience for you, but it also helps other teams identify if Visor would be a good fit for them.

Benefits of writing a review

Writing a review is more than just discussing your experience with Visor on some website. It is an opportunity for you to help shape our roadmap. Feedback from our users is our most valuable resource.

In addition, we would love to reward you for taking the time to write about your experience using the Visor product. Please see how we reward users for reviews below:

For your first qualifying review, earn $30 Amazon gift card.
For your second qualifying review, earn a total of $40 in Amazon gift cards.
For your third qualifying review, earn a total of $50 in Amazon gift cards. We’ll also send you a Visor T-Shirt.

What is required for a review to qualify for this program?

To prevent abuse, Visor reserves the ultimate decision over whether a review qualifies under this program. Generally, here’s what we’re looking to see:

  • Be original! We do not allow reviews to be copied from another source, including our own website or other reviews you’ve left on other sites.
  • Be honest! Share what you like and where you’d like us to improve.
  • Don’t deliberately promote or disparage another product.
  • Be a good community member; follow the guidelines of the review site, including any community or quality guidelines.
  • Provide valuable insight. Low-effort content or content with many spelling or grammatical errors will not qualify.
  • Describe real, ongoing use. Descriptions of temporary trials, termination of use, or use without intention to continue will not qualify.
  • Be nice! We do not allow reviews to contain personal threats, obscenities, or hate speech
  • Be safe. Reviews must not include others’ personal information. We do not allow reviews to contain information that can be used to identify an individual or otherwise compromise their privacy. Personal information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other type of personally identifying information.
  • Post on the supported sites. Please post your review on one of the sites listed above. We recommend you submit your reviews all at once.

How to redeem your reward for your review(s)?

In order to qualify for a reward, you must fill out the following form (also embedded below) identifying which sites you posted your review(s) on.

Please give us time to review form submissions. We generally will respond within one week to submissions.