Fan of Trader Joe’s? Us too.
Fan of Trader Joe’s? Us too.

Fan of Trader Joe’s? Us too.

You just scanned one of our three QR codes hidden around the NYC area. We’re fans of doing things in unconventional ways – running interviews is no different. So grab some snacks and say hi to the Visor team. And since you’re curious enough to scan and let the universe take you on an unexpected journey, you’ll get to skip the line and meet Visor’s founder!

Joining the Visor Team

Bring People Together With Data

Visor is the world's first data collaboration platform designed for everyone. The spreadsheet is just the beginning. We are building the most trustworthy and intuitive solutions for bringing people together with data. To do this, we are combining an irreverence for "the way things have been" with an obsessive focus on user experience.

Level up your career and join in our mission to narrow the digital divide by building products that elevate the capabilities of every individual.

Our Values

These are the principles we value in ourselves and our teammates. These are meant to be more than just a list of nice words nobody would argue with. We truly believe that we will achieve personal and professional success if we invest our time and resources behind these themes, and we will hire, promote, and let go according to them.

Visor is comprised of individuals that embody EPIC Drive:


Our team is bound by a desire to solve common problems uncommonly well. In order to do that, we must try new things -- taking risks in how we design, build, and sell our product. We must also fully own our successes and failures so that we can learn from them and grow. For that reason, we celebrate one another's acts of entrepreneurship: calculated risk-taking, combined with total ownership, as we innovate.

  • Own our successes and our failures
  • Encourage calculated, transparent risk-taking
  • Seek innovative solutions to problems that others are solving insufficiently well


We know that Visor's growth is going to be a journey on which there will be highs and lows. One thing we've decided is that we value a positive attitude, whether we're at a crest or a trough. We want our office to always have a buoyant positive energy. We compliment each other on work well done. We share deep belly laughter. We get invigorated by our challenges. This journey will be great not only because of the destination but also because of the moments we enjoyed along the way.

  • Embrace our differences and support each other
  • Have a sense of humor about everything we do
  • Enjoy the journey while we focus on getting to the destination


We believe that building a great business requires an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing for our customers, our company, and for each other. We want to build an enterprise that sets a high standard for ourselves and the industry. That means avoiding the risky shortcuts and treating each other with directness and honesty. We have no tolerance for anything but the highest levels of personal and professional integrity on our team, and we will make the hard choices necessary to uphold this value.

  • Do the right thing for the customers, for the company, and for each other
  • Be direct and honest with our customers and our team members
  • Maintain transparency and openness about the company
  • Avoid the risky shortcuts

Continuous Learning

I have a team mantra that "I'd rather be rich than right." We are more interested in finding the answers that will lead to our success than proving that we had the right ones from the start. As a team, we love to learn. That means questioning average assumptions, celebrating productive disagreements, and investing in each other's development. In short, we are open to the real truth, not just the comfortable truth, and motivated to find it together.

  • Be independent thinkers who question the average assumptions
  • Invite respectful questioning and debate
  • Directly call out bullshit internally
  • Invest in the success of our teammates
  • Teach each other with compassion
  • Seek to understand deeply the inner workings of the market, our customers, our competitors, and the technology we build on.


Early-stage companies like Visor can only succeed on the thinnest of margins of success. That means we can only succeed if everyone is driven. Go the extra step, catch the small detail, and push for the win.

  • We’re all in on Visor’s success - it’s our primary professional pursuit
  • Be motivated by an inner urge to achieve success (not only extrinsic motivation for salary, title, or status)
  • Approach work with energy, initiative, and vigor
  • Set a high bar for quality and thoughtfulness of work
  • Exceed expectations of our colleagues and customers
We’re building a great team and want to provide full transparency of the interview process.

Team Stability & Growth

We recognize the current state of affairs in the business world and the instability afflicting organizations of all sizes. To counter these market trends, we’re happy to report that:

  • we are very well funded and don’t plan any capital raises for the next 2+ years
  • we have an active and growing customer base
  • we have successfully reached the early stages product-market fit
  • we have plans to continue scaling up the team thoughtfully, and
  • we are backed by a fantastic collective of investors and advisors

It’s common knowledge that early-stage companies are inherently more risky, but given the market’s current contraction hitting large, stable companies the hardest right now, joining a capitalized and growing company like Visor may actually present a safe haven. Beyond that, working at an early-stage company is just a lot more fun.

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